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So I’ve decided to avoid all things net for awhile (minus my blog, of course) while I work to bring up my grade in my programming classes. I finally sat down today and read some of the text and after using my beading as an example finally started to get it. I hope that this means I’ll be able to pull my grade up because right now I’m in pure panic mode and I don’t like it.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which makes me incredibly sad. Yes, it means I’m one day closer to the weekend, but it also means that I’m 2 days closer to Robby leaving. Boo. I also haven’t had Pepsi all day so that’s sucked. I really, really need some. Ugh.

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So last night I was really freaking buzzed when I posted, lol. I had almost forgotten I had until I checked it today. Oops. Those Tokyo Iced Teas are the devil, lol. I will have to make Robby show me how to make them before he leaves on Saturday. Ugh, I’m so sad about that. =( I keep telling him how I don’t want him to go, lol. It just blows, but meh I’ll manage. All I know is that means this week will fly by and next week will be slow as molasses because it’s the week he won’t be here. Gotta love how that works right?

Well, it’s official– school is kicking my ass. Well, class, rather. One class. I just don’t get it and it’s frustrating because it’s not clicking and I just want to pull my hair out and cry in frustration. This weekend I think I’m going to spend a few hours reading through the text and just trying to understand it. I hope it works because so far I am just a person with a big question mark over her head and I hate that because that is so not me. All of this just makes me want to throw my hands up and say I give up. =/

In other news I’m really, really taking to bead jewelry. I still have a lot to learn, but Tawni has been extremely helpful and I think with a lot more practice I’ll nail it then hopefully after that I can get back into bookbinding. I’m also really excited because Robby is letting me turn one of the spare bedrooms into a craft/photography studio so this means I can really focus on my arts. Ahh cannot wait. I really want to decorate the room to so I need to decide on a scheme! :giggle:

Well, I am off to try and work some more on Ecstasy. I feel like I’m so behind and have no time for anything. :( I am so looking forward to 2 weeks off in December. :nods:


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Lack of sleep has definitely caught up to me. It’s 9:30 and I’m yawning, which is bad because I still have homework that I need to complete but I’m so tired I can’t focus. I’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom because of Robby’s snoring but when I sleep in there I don’t sleep well at all. I haven’t sleep in our bed in a week and it’s saddens me. I really wish he’d just go in and see a doctor so they can get his snoring under control, but nope, hasn’t done it. When he does take initiative he gives up if he can’t get hold of anyone which he’s done several times.

All I know is that I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I am barely holding myself together and I have a BBQ to host tomorrow so if I don’t get enough sleep tonight, I doubt I’ll manage to make it through tomorrow without passing out early. This bothers me greatly, especially because I was looking forward to it so much. :sigh:

Well, I’m going to try and finish up my homework so I can crash before Robby does. I’m hoping if I fall asleep before him, I’ll be so out of it by that point that the snoring won’t penetrate…. well one can hope, right?

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