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I almost missed today’s post because I was so busy working on Ecstasy, but thankfully I remembered. I missed last night’s because I was cleaning the house and the time got a way from me. The only thing I have left to clean is our bedroom which I’m going to do tomorrow night and then Tuesday afternoon Robby will be back in my arms again which I am so grateful for. I have missed him so much, I cannot even put it into words. It’ll be good to have him home, us apart just isn’t right. :no:

I wrapped our first two presents today. I really want to get Robby something that he doesn’t know about, but I don’t know what that could be. He’s so difficult to shop for that it’s hard to surprise him. I wish the man would invest in a wish list or something. It would make my job as a wife much easier. Oh well, I’ll just have to think of something, I guess.

Hah, I’m excited for work tomorrow and not because well it’s work, but once it’s over then that means I’m only a few hours for seeing Robby again so it’s definitely a catch 22. I requested the last part of my shift off on Tuesday so I can spend that time with Robby. He’s going to be exhausted I’m sure so we’ll probably just cuddle and watch a movie or something. Aw just think about it gives me butterflies. I cannot wait.

All I know it’s been a crappy 8 days and I will be so glad to be in his arms again.

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Today was a much needed day to myself. I’ve been so exhausted and worn out that I just needed a day where I could laze about and not worry about anything at all. It was nice and I definitely need more days like it, but I don’t see that being the case now that Robby and I have the same days off. As Danika put it on Ecstasy, now that Robby and I have the same days off, we do more together, which means the days go by faster, and the weekend I should have had, feels like it never happened. Bleh. I guess the good comes with the bad? In any event, I think this weekend should be pretty mellow but we’ll see.

I can’t believe it but I was looking at the calendar today and realized that Robby is going to be leaving me in 2 weeks time. :( That makes me incredibly sad. It seems like the end of the year arrived so fast and I didn’t see it coming. I can’t even believe it. What’s even more unbelievable is that we’ve almost been in this house for nearly a year. It’s crazy to think about it. :lol: Just wow. But yeah, I guess time flies when all is right in the world and you’re happy. Course knowing my luck shit’s going to come crashing down, but hey I’ll take what I can get, when I can get it. :giggle:

Well I’m still sad that I don’t get a Thanksgiving this year, but it is what it is. If I happen to have Christmas off, then we’ll go out to SD and have turkey and stuffing at my mother-in-law’s house, but we’ll have to see. It’s going to be odd not having turkey this year. I love me some turkey, lol. I am crossing my fingers we’ll be able to go out, but I’m not holding my breath either. Oh well one can definitely wish, I suppose.

Alright, I am going to see about adding my stamp collection to this site. I’ve been putting it off, but if I don’t get drunk enough first, I may be safe. :lol:

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So that whole going to bed early to catch up on sleep? Didn’t pan out because my body decided to fuck me wake me up at 6:54– yes in the morning. :sigh:

Anyway, I figure it’s best to get this blog out of the way now, before I get off and spend the next few hours after that working on homework. I don’t know how I feel about this new schedule. I thought I’d love it, but honestly it feels as if I don’t have time for anything. I get up usually around 10ish and puts around the house for a bit, log on to work at 1:30 and then work until 8:00pm. After which I spend about an hour or two with Robby watching shows or going to the store, etc, then I have to sit down and do homework, which lately if I’m lucky I finish by 11:30pm. After that I’m so wiped I don’t want to do anything, either in the house or on Ecstasy so I’m really hoping that something breaks and I get used to it or figure out a better way to not feel so absolutely drained.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I feel like this week has dragged on and on. I think that’s what I miss most about having Tuesdays and Wednesday as days off. It just seemed like the week went faster. I don’t know why. While, I’m glad I’m able to spend weekends with Robby, it also sucks because it feels like the week is never going to end. I guess you have to take some good with the bad. :(

In other news, I finally purchased my upgrade to Windows 7 Professional for my desktop. I’m downloading it right now and then I’ll have to modify a file and burn it to disc so I won’t have to do a full install and can just upgrade and not worry about losing any of my files or having to reinstall yet again. That’s what I hate the most… having to reinstall everything, so I hope this trick works. If not well then I guess I’ll be reinstalling. :lol:

Work in the new department for the most part is going well, though I detest having logged in one day to find that they had dual skilled me without asking my permission, nor increasing my pay. I’m sorry, but when did I agree to do 2 jobs? So I e-mailed my supervisor and told her that I wanted to focus on the current department and current project and had no interest in being dual skilled. She hasn’t gotten back to me, but so far I haven’t gotten very many calls from the other department today so I think perhaps she just changed my skill set without telling me. :shrugs:

Alright, I suppose I should get back to work. I have 2 hours and 17 minutes left. Here’s hoping it goes by fast.

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So I almost blew it and didn’t make the last blog post, lol. Danika had to send me a text to remind me since Robby had me caught up watching “Inuyasha” lol. I still can’t believe that today is the last day of Project: Blog and that I managed to make it every single day, usually I fail hardcore at these, but with a bit of encouragement and motivation help for the members of Ecstasy, I managed to make it through. I’m really considering continuing with blogging every day but I’m not sure if I want to make that commitment. I suppose we’ll just have to see how it goes.

So I spent the last few days leveling both my Ranger and Gladiator. I’m really, really liking the Gladiator and I’m considered using her as my raider but I’m not sure. I’m thinking about rolling a priest because their always needed but I’m not entire sure. I guess we’ll have to see. So far I’m having a blast playing with Vala and hopefully we’ll be able to get out toons to cap and raid together. I just need to get Vent to work. *facepalm*


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One more day before Project: Blog is over. It’s beyond surreal and I still can’t believe I managed to make it this far! I don’t want to say I made it all the way yet because technically if I don’t blog tomorrow that won’t be the case. Lol.

Today was pretty mellow, I didn’t do much. Played a lot of Aion and then finally quit when a quest I was on frustrated the hell out of me so I had to walk away. I’m a bar away from being half way to 17, so I’m going to try and hit 17 before I head to bed tonight but we’ll have to say. After a lot of thought I think I’m just going to use my Ranger for PVP and then use my Warrior or roll a Priest for raids. We’ll have to see though. I’m not 100% decided.

I’m a bit saddened at how fast my days off go. I don’t know when things changed but it went to feeling like I actually had days off, to not feeling that way at all. Ugh, it sucks. Alright I’m off to watch Inuyasha with Robby. Tomorrow makes the last day of Project: Blog– who knows maybe I’ll continue with blogging daily since I’m in the habit of it now. We’ll definitely have to see. ;)


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I took this idea from [personal profile] cereta because she was kind enough to let me use it.

5 Thing That Made Me Happy Today

  • Naptime: Robby and I took a nap together and it was nice. Odd to be happy about it I know, but it doesn’t happen often (he’s not a napper) so I was happy when he climbed into bed with me last night.
  • I woke up in our bed this morning: Most of you know that for the past few weeks I have been sleeping in the spare bedroom because Robby’s snoring has gotten so bad that I haven’t been able to sleep properly. While I don’t know what changed last night but I was able to fall asleep and didn’t wake up at all during the night to tell him to roll over or move to the spare bedroom. I loved this. It made me happy to be sleeping in the same bed with him.
  • Dinner: Robby was sweet enough to make me dinner and bring it up to me while I did school work. It’s the little things I tell you. :)
  • Kisses: Being able to kiss Robby and not feeling like it was reflex but feeling like it meant something.
  • Cuddles: Cuddling with my baby and watching a movie/TV show. It’s always one of the highlights of my day.

So what made you happy today?


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Today has been pretty mellow. I ended up rolling Elyos since Vala decided she liked them better and I hate them. Lol. The starter area blows and the wings look awful. Seriously, they look so fake it wasn’t even funny. I also had a slight headache develop about an hour again and I think in large part it’s deal to the lack of sleep I got last night. Thank you, Diesel. She decided to wake me up this morning and after that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I had contemplated taking a nap but that didn’t really pan out for me. :(

Robby picked up the Aion game today and the box is super pretty. I’m thinking about reinstalling it because I’ve had some game crashes while in a major city so I don’t know if it’s the game itself or because of the city. *shrugs* I suppose uninstalling and reinstalling will let me know. In any event, I’m slowly but steadily leveling away and from what I hear 20 onward is going to be a lot of grinding so I guess I’m preparing myself for that. Oh well, we shall see!


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Well I almost completely blew Project: Blog because I got caught up in leveling in Aion. Thankfully Danika reminded me so I figured I would “pause” and get this blog in. The launch for Aion, well at least the Head Start launch, I felt was done well. Honestly, it could have been much worse and yes there were and still are queues, but honestly that’s to be expected. Would people honestly rather have the ability to log on with ever simultaneously causing the server to overload which prevents EVERYONE from playing? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I’ve had my fair share of waiting. Sure it wasn’t 3 hours of waiting, but honestly if that was what I was faced with, I’d have walked away, put on a movie, made some dinner, or gotten other stuff done in between. I get that people want to play however the queues will disappear as the servers balance out. It just takes a bit of time which people aren’t willing to understand. :sigh:

In any event, the game is awesome, the people are awesome and it’s a nice change of place. Definitely looking forward to the raids and instances. It’s sure to be kick ass.


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