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Well today proved to be hardly eventful. I have to tell myself that when I think it is a good idea to call out of work in the morning to go with that thought. I don't in the least bit feel guilty as three others felt the exact way I did, but unlike me executed their plan flawlessly. I fail. And not just in a sad way, but in a pathetic, you didn't have the balls to do what needed to be done way. My only salvation is knowing that if I had called out, I would have felt exactly as I did this morning tomorrow and well that's a bit counter productive, no?

I was a bit angry to discover an invoice from our prior apartment in the mail today after we got home. Apparently they are saying we owe them $402.00 USD. Now I wasn't a fool in thinking that we were going to receive our deposit back, because one, the cats tore the shit out of the carpet there, and two we half assed cleaned it when we moved out-- but really $402!? After reviewing the invoice it appears they charged us twice for carpet damage in the same rooms. No, I am not kidding, that is what the invoices read, though the itemized list they give us has one charge as carpet cleaning and the other as carpet replacement, pet damage. If you replaced the carpet would there be any need to clean it?! Yeah that is exactly what I thought. Oh and the kicker? They charged us to paint the walls. The walls which we did not put a SINGLE item on! Hello, how the fuck can you justify 6hrs of painting the walls when there wasn't a single item on them. Touch ups? Yeah, that makes sense, but painting? Um, not necessary, at all. The hubby was also pissed to find that they charged us $95 for a turn over cleaning which they CANNOT charge if they plan on doing it anyway. So least to say, he's going to have a fun time dealing with the charges, as my solution was just to pay the amount because for me it wasn't worth the headache. /shrugs

Other then that minor incident, the day was pretty mellow. I am however working on a photography community called [community profile] shutterbugs , as I had noticed that DW didn't really have them. I am in the process of establishing rules and such for the community and getting the tags set up, after which I will try and pimp the shit out of it to gain more members. Oh also be on the look out for a David Cook ([community profile] davidcookofficial) community, because I noticed DW is lacking that as well. /pout

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