fearless: For Ecstasy MB announcements (Ecstasy)

I almost missed today’s post because I was so busy working on Ecstasy, but thankfully I remembered. I missed last night’s because I was cleaning the house and the time got a way from me. The only thing I have left to clean is our bedroom which I’m going to do tomorrow night and then Tuesday afternoon Robby will be back in my arms again which I am so grateful for. I have missed him so much, I cannot even put it into words. It’ll be good to have him home, us apart just isn’t right. :no:

I wrapped our first two presents today. I really want to get Robby something that he doesn’t know about, but I don’t know what that could be. He’s so difficult to shop for that it’s hard to surprise him. I wish the man would invest in a wish list or something. It would make my job as a wife much easier. Oh well, I’ll just have to think of something, I guess.

Hah, I’m excited for work tomorrow and not because well it’s work, but once it’s over then that means I’m only a few hours for seeing Robby again so it’s definitely a catch 22. I requested the last part of my shift off on Tuesday so I can spend that time with Robby. He’s going to be exhausted I’m sure so we’ll probably just cuddle and watch a movie or something. Aw just think about it gives me butterflies. I cannot wait.

All I know it’s been a crappy 8 days and I will be so glad to be in his arms again.

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