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It would appear that Dreamwidth has officially hooked its claws into me-- as I have spent nearly all day scouring the countless DW communities and friending people who I find intriguing or have some commonalities with me.  I can't say I should be surprised.  I love the entire concept of DW and I really do have to give many thanks to [personal profile] bella for graciously giving me an invite.  I seriously cannot wait until April 30, as I already know of several individuals who have decided to join here.

The one thing that I would really like to see DW add is smilies.  They are my achilles heel and I would not hesitate to purchase a seed account if I know that eventually something like that would go into development.  I am not sure how likely that will be because I am sure not everyone is as smiley obsessed as I am, but it is still a nice thought.

As I was busy scouring DW for new friends and communities, I decided to go on to TicketMaster to see if David Cook had finally announced his tour dates.  I check occasionally and usually am disappointed to find that he is doing some concerts here and there in areas not remotely close to where I am located.  Imagine my surprise to discover that he will be performing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California in June.  I seriously almost peed myself.  Then my happiness sunk to depression when I realized what day he is performing (Thursday) and my lack of vacation time.  While I really, really want to go, I also know that I have taken off a lot of days since I first started working at the University and I really don't want to press my luck.  My manager is general very laid back and probably wouldn't have any problems with me taking off-- but at the same time I do not want to push my luck.  So I guess it looks as if I will just have to wait until he tours, whenever in the hell that's going to be. /cry

I am considering starting a message board plug community, but considering the lack of message boards in existence, I have to wonder if it will be a waste.  Maybe instead I will create a quote/photography challenge community, though I am hesitant because without help I don't really have the time for it.  There I go again with the hobbies I want to take up, even with the knowledge that I still have yet to unpack what is left of the boxes since we moved in at the end of March, and also decide on the color schemes for the smaller bedrooms and bathrooms, and then implement them by painting the rooms.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be a spy.  It might help my restlessness if I was always constantly on different assignments, as different personas-- but then again that may bore me to.


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