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So I almost blew it and didn’t make the last blog post, lol. Danika had to send me a text to remind me since Robby had me caught up watching “Inuyasha” lol. I still can’t believe that today is the last day of Project: Blog and that I managed to make it every single day, usually I fail hardcore at these, but with a bit of encouragement and motivation help for the members of Ecstasy, I managed to make it through. I’m really considering continuing with blogging every day but I’m not sure if I want to make that commitment. I suppose we’ll just have to see how it goes.

So I spent the last few days leveling both my Ranger and Gladiator. I’m really, really liking the Gladiator and I’m considered using her as my raider but I’m not sure. I’m thinking about rolling a priest because their always needed but I’m not entire sure. I guess we’ll have to see. So far I’m having a blast playing with Vala and hopefully we’ll be able to get out toons to cap and raid together. I just need to get Vent to work. *facepalm*


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One more day before Project: Blog is over. It’s beyond surreal and I still can’t believe I managed to make it this far! I don’t want to say I made it all the way yet because technically if I don’t blog tomorrow that won’t be the case. Lol.

Today was pretty mellow, I didn’t do much. Played a lot of Aion and then finally quit when a quest I was on frustrated the hell out of me so I had to walk away. I’m a bar away from being half way to 17, so I’m going to try and hit 17 before I head to bed tonight but we’ll have to say. After a lot of thought I think I’m just going to use my Ranger for PVP and then use my Warrior or roll a Priest for raids. We’ll have to see though. I’m not 100% decided.

I’m a bit saddened at how fast my days off go. I don’t know when things changed but it went to feeling like I actually had days off, to not feeling that way at all. Ugh, it sucks. Alright I’m off to watch Inuyasha with Robby. Tomorrow makes the last day of Project: Blog– who knows maybe I’ll continue with blogging daily since I’m in the habit of it now. We’ll definitely have to see. ;)


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Today has been pretty mellow. I ended up rolling Elyos since Vala decided she liked them better and I hate them. Lol. The starter area blows and the wings look awful. Seriously, they look so fake it wasn’t even funny. I also had a slight headache develop about an hour again and I think in large part it’s deal to the lack of sleep I got last night. Thank you, Diesel. She decided to wake me up this morning and after that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I had contemplated taking a nap but that didn’t really pan out for me. :(

Robby picked up the Aion game today and the box is super pretty. I’m thinking about reinstalling it because I’ve had some game crashes while in a major city so I don’t know if it’s the game itself or because of the city. *shrugs* I suppose uninstalling and reinstalling will let me know. In any event, I’m slowly but steadily leveling away and from what I hear 20 onward is going to be a lot of grinding so I guess I’m preparing myself for that. Oh well, we shall see!


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Well I almost completely blew Project: Blog because I got caught up in leveling in Aion. Thankfully Danika reminded me so I figured I would “pause” and get this blog in. The launch for Aion, well at least the Head Start launch, I felt was done well. Honestly, it could have been much worse and yes there were and still are queues, but honestly that’s to be expected. Would people honestly rather have the ability to log on with ever simultaneously causing the server to overload which prevents EVERYONE from playing? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I’ve had my fair share of waiting. Sure it wasn’t 3 hours of waiting, but honestly if that was what I was faced with, I’d have walked away, put on a movie, made some dinner, or gotten other stuff done in between. I get that people want to play however the queues will disappear as the servers balance out. It just takes a bit of time which people aren’t willing to understand. :sigh:

In any event, the game is awesome, the people are awesome and it’s a nice change of place. Definitely looking forward to the raids and instances. It’s sure to be kick ass.


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It would appear that my internet decided to fail hardcore on me– of all days and thus the lovely Danika has offered to post this blog for me so I’d still be on track with Project: Blog. In any event I hope they fix this shit soon because I’m seriously not happy about it– though I admit I’m not as frustrated as I normally would be since in the 4 months we’ve been here this is the first time we’ve had any issues. Take that Cox! :lol:

Last night I promised you all a review of Aion which is the MMORPG I have been beta testing which officially launches on September 22, 2009. Now, I have to forewarn you all that I am by no means a game guru, however I have played World of Warcraft so this review will mostly be in comparison to it. Remember these are just my thoughts upon playing the game– I wouldn’t take this too seriously.

Upon first entering the game, you’re tasked with choosing which faction you’d like to play (I choose Asmodians), what class you’d like to be (I went with Scout), and then finally you stumble upon the character creation screen. Now this little bad boy can have someone there for hours as you get to literally customize almost EVERY single detail of your character. From the size of the head, body height, chest size (yes, you can put some knockers on your character), to tattoos, and more– if you’re quite the detailed individual, expect to be on this screen for some time. I, personally, thoroughly enjoy this aspect because it gets tiring looking at the same old boring character five million times, no matter how much you changed the color of hair, skin tone, etc to try and make yours “unique”.

Alright, moving on.

Once I finished creating my character, I entered the game and thought “oo, pretty”. I do have to admit that NCSoft knocked themselves out with this one and compared to Blizzard– the graphics are absolutely breathtaking. The one thing you must be wary of however is when you first start to play is to make a point to chang your controls– otherwise you’ll start out pretty frustrated if you’re used to maneuvering with your mouse. When I first started I could run holding both the left and right mouse buttons, but I could only run forward as it wouldn’t let me move my character. After googling to figure out how to fix it (which is to go into the menu and disable left click to change camera angle), the game was much more enjoyable.

Some of the major differences that I found within the game:

  • Food/Water: Unlike WoW, food and water does not give you HP or MP. Rather it gives you buffs, depending on the item.
  • HP/MP Regen: To regen HP/MP, you simply have to rest (hit the “,” button on your keyboard) and after a few seconds you’ll be back to full HP/MP– however in the higher levels this can take some more time.
  • Loss of XP: You do lose some experience when you die HOWEVER you’re able to buy back that XP by speaking with a Soul Healer.
  • The ability to fly: You get wings in the game (which by the way kickass) and you have the ability to fight in air. Flying is limited to begin with at 1 minute, but you have the option to go aerial heavy and get additional buffs etc, to increase flight time or you can choose to monopolize the ground.
  • Travel: No mounts in the game. Travel is done through flight masters and teleports.
  • Professions: You aren’t tied down to 2 professions. Aion allows you to pick up as many professions as you want.
  • Channels: For those of you who played BC when it was first released, you probably remember a HIGH server population in the starter areas for BEs and Draenei as well as the inability to complete collector/killing quests because there were just too many players collecting and killing what you needed to. Aion has seemed to solved this issue by introducing channels on realms in the first two zones (Lvls 1-20) which allows you to select a less populated channel, increasing your ability to complete collector/killing quests substantially.
  • Minor Additions:
    -You can instantly locate the location for a quest item or individual by merely clicking on the item/person’s name and selecting locate. After which a map will pop up displaying the location you need to go.
    -The “N” button will cause the map to become transparent so you’re still able to navigate while having your map out.
    -No more errors about how you’re facing the wrong direction as the game auto corrects your stance which makes fighting much easier.

These are just some of the differences that I’ve noticed between World of Warcraft and Aion and I have to say I am completely happy with what Aion has to offer. Will I keep playing after open beta? Absolutely. Will I dump WoW for Aion? That’s yet to be determined.

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