Apr. 30th, 2009 06:03 pm
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So I totally had my browser directed to the shop and when it hit 9:00EDT, I refreshed and it went to the homepage, so I kept refreshing and a minute later I was directed to the shop and I got my seed account!

/runs around wildly
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I am getting sick.  I felt like hell this morning when I woke up and by the time I got to work, I felt faint and I could feel a fever coming on, which means I will wake up with a fever tomorrow which is just wonderful since I am working 9 hours tomorrow.  The sudden weather change is partially responsible for it, the Hubby, however is mostly responsible as he is sick and I am sure that is not helping.  >.>

My only salvation is that tomorrow is Thursday which makes it one step closer to Friday and that much closer to the weekend.  It's sad how my life has now amounted to just trying to make it through the week and to my next day off.  I swear they don't tell you how miserable life is when you get older as kids.  They make it seem all shiny and fun, when really it's miserable unless you're rich and have the luxury to travel everywhere and try new things daily.  I was meant to be rich I think.  I have way too much ADD not to be and I am already itching to find something new to preoccupy me.  I wonder what it will be this time.  /sigh

So today when I logged into my hotmail account, I was pleased to discover that I had finally received my invitation to test out Trillian's Astra.  While it was nothing as close or as cool as a Dreamwidth invite, I was still pretty happy because I think that this version is so much better then their current version, especially given that the file transfer actually works!  Plus it's all shiny and shiny things tend to occupy me for longer periods of time.  Don't ask me why because I wouldn't be able to tell you.  /smirks  If you however would like an invitation to use Astra, comment with your e-mail and I will send you one.  I only have 2 invites left, so the first two to respond will get it.

In other news I am absolutely amused by the DW bashing found on LJ.  What's even more funny is the fact that they are claiming DW is elitist because they require invite codes.  Have people suddenly forgotten that for a long time LJ had the same set up?  Hell, it was even harder to get an invite from LJ if you didn't know anyone.  You had 2 options if I recall correctly, ask someone for an invite code or buy an account.  At least DW is doing a lottery using OpenID so it's not completely impossible to get an invite if you don't know anyone and don't have the money to buy an account.  It just amuses me how riled up everyone is.  My advice: grow the fuck up.

In terms of communities, I finally managed to get [community profile] shutterbugs up and running and I'm pretty excited about it.  I think it's going to do wonderfully and I think I will learn a lot of the other photographers here on DW.  Speaking of DW, I am really amazed at how many people I've have already met here.  It's shocking but also very exciting.  I think I am going to make a ton of friends here and I am so excited about it.  Well, I am off to bed-- long day tomorrow and I'm exhausted.  /dies

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I was sadden to come into work today and see that Dreamwidth had been blocked. I was able to access the site yesterday but apparently our IT department felt that was an inappropriate use of time. What's worse is that Livejournal isn't blocked, but I don't want to browse LJ- I want to view Dreamwidth, damnit! I guess that's probably why they blocked it. Thank G-d for Blackberrys. /grin
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Dreamwidth has actually managed to put me in a dilemma as to how I want to best go about presenting my journal. Usually, I place all entries under friends only, however given the option to subscribe and grant access to particular people while also filtering entries that I may only want certain individuals to read, I am at a stand still.

Do I keep my general relatively public with the exceptionally posts that can only be viewed by people within that access list or do I continue  on with the friends only journal, where all my posts, except select posts are friends only?

The advantages to having a journal that is pretty much open to the public with the use of access filters is that the opportunity to network would be much easier. If I have a friends only journal, that option while still plausible would be harder to initiate. So thoughts, to friends only or not to friends only? And specifically why the one and not the other?

In any event, those who were on my friends list on my Livejournal may not necessarily be granted access to my journal here. I ask that you not be offended by this, it just means that I do not know you as well as I like and until I can establish some type of relationship to identify you with, you will be subject to posts which are public. While I am not entirely sure how I want to set up the use of my Dreamwidth account, what I do know is that I want to comfortable with the people on my access list and not feel obligated to grant them access if I know nothing about them.

Expect a few points detailing the filters I will have on my journal as well as my policy on defriending and the like. I am really enjoying Dreamwidth and made the decision today that I will be purchasing a seed account. The money spent will go to a good cause and I know that this place will go fair. It's time that I do my share and help with that process.

On another note I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get hierarchical tags to work, so if anyone would be so kind to lend their hand in pointing a very confused Angel in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated! ^.^

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