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I decided to switch back to the @Reply plugin as it seems those who commented where in favor of the @Reply and those in favor of the nested didn’t say a word in its defense, lol. I am still slowly getting the hang of CSS, though I think part of my problem is my creative juices have been sucked dry so it’s hard for me to think of how I want something styled and I just get frustrated and want to quit. On top of that it’s been pushed to the back burner until I finish my class. 2 more weeks left and I am free. On the upside my freak out on my previous post about turning in the wrong assignment, proved to be unnecessary as I still managed to keep my high C despite having posted it in the wrong format. In addition, Robby has been helping me a lot to make sure I pass and as long as I do well on this week’s assignments, I don’t think I will be as concerned about my final. Even still, I’m not done holding my breath until the case is over and I receive my final grade.

The other night when Robby and I were having sex, I actually put some effort into it and was so tired afterward. Thinking about it I realized just how lazy I had gotten with sex, lol. Before I would do things that would exhaust me and give him a break, for instance we’d do reverse cowgirl, but now I find I tend to favor positions where I have to do as little work as possible (doggie style, cowgirl, etc) and he’s responsible for doing all the thrusting. Now when I think about it that’s not far to him so I am going to try and make more of a conscious effort to spread the work equally. Wow, did I really just refer to sex as work? Lol. But in all seriousness, it really is unfair to me to expect him to do all the hard labor (so to speak) while I get a free walk in the part. Thinking on your sex life (especially for those in long term relationships), are there habits that you’ve picked up over the years which have changed the way you have sex?

I am finally getting back into the internet swing and bringing Ecstasy back up to where it used to be. I will admit that the past few months I have let the boards way to the wayside and if it wasn’t for Rochelle and her vigilance in keeping the boards running, I’d probably be on the verge of closing it (again, lol). I am grateful though that we have a great group of gals and guys that continue to visit each day and make it our little getaway from the stresses of real life. It’s nice to have a place I can run to whenever I just need to rant, vent or bitch about things going on in my life. It’s a relief to have that; it really is.

The work front, is slowly getting better. I say slowly because I’m still pretty angry about the whole hours thing. I did manage to recoup 6 of my lost hours so rather than working 21.5 hours a week, I am up to 27.5 hours and am usually able to pick up some shifts at night as chat coach. It’s still not even though because ideally I want to be at 40 hours, however the job search hasn’t produced any great results. It’s funny that whenever I’m not looking for a job, they’re everywhere to be found and yet when I am, I don’t even get a nibble. It’s so frustrating and there are days when I just want to pull my hair out. I hope, that the universe is just telling me I have to be patient and then something will come along that will work, but I’m a pessimist at heart, so that outlook never really suited me, lol.

I am also glad that I have such an amazing supervisor who stands up for me though. When I left for the my trip to San Diego, I had sent an e-mail saying I would cut my hours (I figured I could jump and all), well I received on e-mail on Monday, February 15th, saying these were my new hours and they were effective today. I ignored it as I had already made arrangements with her that I would not be in town and had my shifts covered and she approved my request to have my new shift begin Feb 22. Turns out she didn’t bother confirming this and when my sup tried to put in my request for my shifts to be changed she was advised they couldn’t approve it because those weren’t my hours. She had me forward the e-mail that said I could start my new schedule on the 22nd and told me told that the same girl who said I could wait to start my schedule, had told her she never said any such thing. WTF?! Seriously. Obviously she stood up for me and said that I would never do something like that and put the ticket on hold as they were attempting to code me as no call, no show– which meant I would have lost my job. So glad I have her on my side, lol.

Last weekend, Robby and I became the proud owners of two cute ferrets named Gucci and Jeezy, though I’ve taken to referring to them as Nibbler (Robby calls him Grouchy) and Cuddler. They are the sweetest things ever and we are so fortunate to have found them. Especially given the crap we had to go through with a crappy owner on Craigslist. We received an e-mail from someone who actually loves and cares about her pets, after I posted the following about crappy owner guy…

This guy has posted several ads which you’ll find below my post. My problem is that my husband I expressed interest in an ad he had posted and when I called to speak with him the first question he asked was which ferret I was interested in. I paused and asked there are two? And he stated yes, to which my next question was to ask if the ferrets had bonded and if they had shared a cage. He specifically told me no and that the other ferret was his daughter’s so my husband I agreed to meet him today to get the ferret.

I sent him a text asking when he would like to meet and he advised that his daughter had told him that the ferrets had shared a cage and that we had expressed not wanting that. My husband and I were not opposed to taking both and asked him how much the rehome fee would be on the pair, as we couldn’t commit to $200 and we weren’t willing to take one over the other as it is generally not wise to separate bonded ferrets as it can provide mental health issues. He replied that he needed $200 or $100 for both and I told him if he would consider $150 we would do it. He replied stating he could give us both ferrets for $150 without the cages.

I then told him his pricing didn’t make much sense as he was asking for $100 for one ferret with a cage or $200 for both ferrets and the cages and accessories, therefore it didn’t make a lot of sense for us to pay $150 for just the ferrets without any cages or accessories included. We would have been perfectly fine paying $150 for both ferrets and the cage without the food or toys he spoke of earlier, but it seems he didn’t much care for the well being of the ferrets which was evident by his next response which said he was willing to part with 1 ferret and a cage for $100, 2 ferrets and both cages for $200, and 2 ferrets without cages for $150 so he could turn around and sale the cage for $50.

While this conversation was occurring I happened to stumble upon the first ad he posted about the ferrets being brother and sister and realized that he had purposely mislead me into believing they had not been bonded so he could make a sale. My last text to him said that unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to agree to his terms and that I did not appreciate being mislead into believing the ferrets had not bonded and then I wished him a good afternoon.

My final response from him? “Stop texting me.” — which to me only further indicates he was fully aware of what he was attempting to do and I am beyond sickened by the thought. So if you do happen to contact this individual regarding one of the ads he’s posted be forewarned that his ferrets have bonded though he is likely to tell you otherwise!

The first ad he posted:

brother and sister ferrets. born October 18, 2009. have birth certificates. these ferrets have had their shots and are spayed and neutered and descented. i paid 100 dollars for each of the ferrets plus the huge vet bill and 200 for their Marshall mansion cage, plus a smaller one for $50. included is 2 ferrets, 2 cages, all food and water bowls, birth certificates, toys, litter boxes, hammock, food and litter. my dog will not leave them alone and barks at them without stopping. they both play with my cat and it is fun to watch. i can not take the dog but he is a 3 year old German shepherd and has been with us since he was 8 weeks old. . i paid well over 500 for all of this and im only asking 200 obo . i work nights so please call between 3pm and 8 am call or text 623-202-1075

Found here: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/pet/1611956704.html
The second ad:

4 month female ferret with cage litter box and toys. she is spayed and descented 100 obo call 928-252-3279

Found here: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pet/1618487957.html
The 3rd ad and the ad we inquired about:

male ferret 4 mos old with cage litter box. the marshall mansion is 2 story and i paid 2oo dollars for it. he is descented and neutered, very playful and tame. 100 re-homing 928-252-3276

Found here: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pet/1618487246.html

We weren’t happy about the situation but I ended up receiving this e-mail the very next morning:


I read you post on CL just now about the ferrets. I have two ferrets that are bonded and have shared a home all their life. I have been relocated to WV and have been trying to save the money to have them shipped here. I love them so much and the financial burden and worry of having them cared for is unbearable. I am not asking any money for them just a good loving home. Their names are Jeezy and Gucci. I think about them all the time and worry about their care. They are staying with my friend right now but she cannot care for them properly. Please let me know if you are interested in having the two beautiful guy. You can have their cage and all. I would be open to either temporary or permanent arrangements however I prefer permanent since I want them to be happy settled. Please help if you can. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you,

I called her immediately and we made arrangements to pick up our furbabies. I’m quite happy that they’ve already become so accustomed to use and their new environment. Next weekend, since Robby will be away, we’re going to rearrange the loft and get a little play pen for them, so they have a place to run around in and are in the loft with us, which is where we spend the majority of our time. I’m actually really excited about it. So does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? I’m going to spend my cleaning since Robby will be out of the house, yeah I know I’m so very interesting. ;)

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