Mar. 18th, 2010

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My morning did not start off well. Why you ask? Because my husband is a douche. Let me go on.

The first time this happened, I let it slide because it was the first time and well, shit happens. In any event let me preface this by saying my husband had decided to pick the most obnoxious sound as his alarm ringtone: a fucking rooster crowing (since when did we start living on a farm?)

Wednesdays-Friday I have to be up at 7 because I work from 8 until 10. He gets up around 6, which means that when his alarm clock goes off. I never hear the first one, but when he decides to start pressing snooze every time it goes off, I hear it each and every time, which means I’ve effectively lost my hour of sleep prior to getting up. Couple this with not sleeping well because I’m on an uncomfortable bed (his sleep apnea prevents us from sleeping in the same room, which makes this all the more worst, as you can determine how loud his alarm is) and it takes me awhile to sleep, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep at most. I can function off that if I have to, however I cannot function off 3 days of that.

In any event, his alarm finally stopped, but low and behold a few minutes later my alarm starts blaring at me. Obviously I’m annoyed and frustrated because this is the second time this has happened even though I’ve already talked to him about it.

After finally dragging myself out of bed, I go to my computer and start setting it up for work. Imagine my surprise when I hear, “Hi, baby.” That in itself sets me off. I ask, “You’re not going to work?” He responds, “I’m leaving in a few minutes.” So I say okay whatever. 2 minutes later, “Weasel is being really cute, come look.” I respond saying, “I don’t want to get up.” He counters with, “She’s being particularly cute.” I repeat, “I don’t want to get up.” So than he asks, “Where’s you camera.” I tilt my head and say, “Over there.” He says, “Where?” Now I’ve gone back to being annoyed, and say very pointedly and point my finger, “Over there.”

At this point he seems to be catching on that I am not happy because as he walks over he asks, “How are you feeling?” I say, “Annoyed.” He than ask, “Why are you annoyed?” I respond (with even venom in my voice to stop a black bear cold), “Your alarm.” At that point he mumbles, “Sorry” and proceeds to set up my camera. He walks over to take the picture and I try and tell him to put into one-shot mode because it’s currently set to remote/self-timer but he ignores me. Then he says, “Well, that’s not what I wanted.” To which I respond, “I tried to tell you to put it in one-shot mode.” He than snaps and says, “Well, how the fuck am I supposed to know what one-shot mode is?” I reply, “It takes one-shot.” He then stomps off into the bedroom and comes out a few seconds later with his phone. So at that point I’m annoyed and frustrated and ask him what he’s doing. He says, “Calling out of work.” My annoyance and level of pissiness rises, “What made you change your mind?” He responds, “I’m in a bad mood.” At that point I ignore him and let him do whatever the fuck he’s doing.

My level of irateness has increased considerably since I got up because a, I was once again woken up by his fucking alarm, after we’d had a discussion on it previously, and b, come to find out I was woken up for no fucking reasoning because he decides to call out on account of a bad mood.

So am I pissed? You bet your ass off I am– oh and the kicker, he’s sleeping again and I’m half tempted to set his fucking alarm to the G-ddamn rooster tone he’s chosen, hide it, and just let it go off until he gets out of bed. /rant

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