Jan. 13th, 2010

fearless: Bills, bills, bills (Bills)

One of my resolutions this year (as you all know) is to try and pay off our credit card bills. We aren’t swimming in them up to our eyeballs but it’s still something I think that if we did not have would be a huge relief for us, while also ensuring that the money we are spending each month towards those bills goes into our savings. I’ve been pretty resistant to using my personal blog as a means to earn income because I know some people have problems with that, but then I got to thinking, why should I care? It’s my blog after all. My readers, the few that I have, I hope would understand and respect that, especially if I happen to have a clear indication that it is in fact a paid blog post by the categories I use. I suppose in some ways I’ve just been scared that the little viewership I have will be depleted completely if I started to use my site as a means to earn some income which I do not understand why people are so opposed to, especially if the reviews are truthful. I know it’s silly all things considered, but I don’t want to lose my viewership despite the fact that the extra income could go a long way. What are your thoughts on paid blogging? Would you be opposed to coming to my blog if I started to use it occasionally for paid blogging despite the fact that I would have the post categorized in a means that it is easy to identify? Why or why not?

On an unrelated, though partially related note, my new Dell Studio 9000 XPS arrived yesterday, however funnily enough according to Dell support, has not yet been shipped and is still in production. See for yourself:

I know, it’s pretty freaking ridiculous and I bet if I were to call right now, I would be told that the item is either waiting to be shipped out (I was told this twice, prior to my order arriving) or still in production (also told this twice). If I wanted I could probably get away with having them send me another, however I’m paranoid and don’t want to get stuck paying for two XPSes if I do happen to get caught. In any event I’m still in the process of trying to get everything moved over and configured and I’m also waiting on the ram that we purchased from Best Buy and will be ordering a better power supply on Friday so I can stick in the other drive I have, as my current power supply only supports 3 SATA hard drives, which is BEYOND frustrating, but it’s okay, minor delay and easily fixed– well mostly.

/end geek spiel (mostly ;) )

After thinking about it and talking to Jenn about it, I decided that rather then let WishfulDrinking.org expire, I’m going to instead convert it another blog I can use to earn some income off of. I’m pretty excited about it because I think I’m also going to maintain it by posting yummy recipes that touch on liqueurs both in dessert treats and plain old fashioned yummy drinks. Let’s add that to the bizillion other projects I still have yet to sort out and complete and my life just became doubly complicated if even more so. I’m pretty content about my decision though because I think it will be fun to both try out new recipes, while also posting them for those of you who enjoy using alcohol in a fun and yummy way to try as well.

Well, I’m going to start sorting through all the crap I have and get my files moved on to this computer which is going to be a daunting and tiresome task; though I’m sure once I’m done I’ll be thrilled, but still it’s not on my top list of things to be doing right now, but as Jenn from Jenn.nu says, work before play!

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